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About Biotat

BIOTAT Company has been established since January 2023 with the aim of providing services to the scientific community of the country, supporting producers and scientific and knowledge-based research, especially in the fields of biology, medicine, and biotechnology. With the help of powerful and dominant forces in cell culture knowledge، this group produces and prepares various cell culture media for supplements، buffers، as well as providing laboratory plastic equipment. One of the great goals of this complex is to produce abundant knowledge along with commercialization of research projects and projects with the help of young and talented researchers of the country to be a step towards entrepreneurship and scientific، economic and self-sufficiency. to arrest him.

Our Services

Biotat provides cell culture medium, supplements, buffers
and molecular kits.

Cell Culture

Cell culture media for culture, proliferation, and differentiation of cells


Supplementation enrichment of cell culture media


Different buffer solutions for cellular and molecular experiments

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